Product Bao Health Colostomy/Ileostomy/Urostomy/Fistula Drainage CureGuard One Piece Pouch (Clamp Closure)

For Wound/colostomy / ileostomy stoma POST-OP USE AND LOOP STOMA

Excellent Feeling: The CureGuard adhesive is thin and elastic in nature which enables it to follow the contours and movements of the skin.

Meanwhile it acts as a skin barrier, prevent the output to get in contact with the skin thereby reducing skin irritation.

With a gentle tack and high moisture absorption rate, Cureguard assures long wear time. High security against leakage and complete skin protection.

Pouch Size: 16x30 cmCutting Range: 15-75 mm

Pouch Volume: 750 mlWith Filter and Clamp Closure